Important Issues



As a parent of three children currently in JeffCo public schools, Lang understands first-hand how vital education is to the future of Colorado. He supports improving student achievement, standing behind our hardworking teachers, providing a range of choices so parents can determine what works for each child, and putting children before bureaucrats and special interests. He has been instrumental in getting legislation passed to improve equity and choice for our public schoolchildren, and has co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation to protect student data and privacy.  


Economy & Jobs

Having helped dozens of Colorado small businesses and entrepreneurs in the private sector, Lang has worked hard in the legislature to create an environment that enables businesses and families to thrive. This includes low taxes, reasonable regulations, and a smart and efficient energy policy. As a member of the House Business Committee and House Finance Committee, Lang has supported Colorado’s business community and the families who depend on it.  


Health Care

Lang believes that individuals should have control over their health care choices, including the doctors they use and the coverage they select. He is opposed to big government solutions, including ObamaCare and single payer health care. As a member of the House Public Health Committee and Health Exchange Legislative Oversight Committee, Lang has worked very hard to increase transparency and accountability for consumers and taxpayers.


Energy Independence & Security

 As a veteran of multiple deployments to the Middle East, Lang understands the vital role that America’s energy independence plays in our national security and our economic security. He supports an “all of the above” energy policy and recognizes the strong contribution that our energy industry makes to Colorado’s economy. 


Efficiency & Transparency in Government

  Lang is working extremely hard to be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. Several of the successful bi-partisan bills that Lang has sponsored—and gotten passed—have improved government efficiency, and increased transparency and accountability for Colorado taxpayers.    


Constitutional Freedoms

 Lang believes that the United States Constitution and the Colorado Constitution establish our individual liberties and set limits on government power. In the legislature, he has worked to protect our individual rights, including the sanctity of unborn life, our right to bear arms, and our right to free speech.