2018 Bills 

SB18-146: Freestanding Emergency Departments Required Consumer Notice: A freestanding emergency department (FSED) must provide a list of patient rights and a facility disclosure regarding pricing and fees. 

Status: Assigned to Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

SB18-136: Health Insurance Producer Fees And Fee Disclosure: Allows a health insurance provider to charge a fee when working with clients on choosing an insurance plan when there is no commission. 

Status: Assigned to Senate Finance Committee

HB18-1189: Expanding Effective Teacher Residency Programs: Creates a teacher residency expansion program in the Department of Education to help increase the supply of well-trained teachers in Colorado.   

Status: Assigned to House Education Committee

HB18-1083: On-demand Air Carriers Sales And Use Tax Exemption: Allows for a sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of an aircraft for the explicit use of being an on-demand air carrier. 

Status: Assigned to House Business Affairs and Labor Committee & Finance Committee

HB18-1022: DOR Department Of Revenue Issue Sales Tax Request For Information: Will request The Department of Revenue has been requested to issue a request for information that will create an electronic sales and use tax simplification system. 

Status: Assigned to Senate Finance  

2017 Bills

HB17-1147: The Purpose of Community Corrections: Defining the purpose of community corrections in Colorado. 

Status: Signed into law

SB17-207: Strengthening Colorado Behavioral Health Crisis System: Establishing a health crisis response system. This will provide a first response to individuals who are in need of a 72-hour mental health hold as an alternative to using our criminal justice system. 

Status: Signed into law

SB17-179: Fee Limits for Solar Energy Device Installations: Ensures that there is a limitation on the governmental fees that are implemented on the installation of solar energy devices. 

Status: Signed into law 

SB17-061: Additional Funding for Public Charter Schools Operating Costs: Concerning equality in funding for all public schools.

Status: Postponed indefinitely

HB17-1319: Appraisals for Insurance Claims: Requires insurance appraisers are neutral and impartial. 

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

HB17-1308: Individualized Conditions of Parole: Allows the State Board of Parole and parole officers to impose parole conditions on an case by case basis. 

Status: Signed into law

HB17-1212: Colorado Aviation Special License Plate: The creation of a special aviation license plate. 

Status: Signed into law

SB12-006: Concealed Carry for Military Under Twenty-one Years Old: Allows military personnel under the age of 21 to hold a concealed carry permit . 

Status: Postponed Indefinitely

HB17-1375: Distributing Mill Levy Override Revenue to Schools: Requires school districts to distribute mill levy revenue to all public schools, creates a fund to provide equal money to charter schools, and requires school districts and charter schools to provide a list of waivers they had received.

Status: Signed into law 

HB17-1216: Sales and Use Tax Simplification Task Force: creates a task force with focus on simplifying our sales and use tax system

Status: Signed into law 

HB17-1119: Payment of Workers' Compensation Benefits: Ensuring payment of workers compensation to injured workers who work for an uninsured employer. 

Status: Signed into law


2016 Bills

HB16-1148: Health Benefit Exchange Rules and Policies: Increases transparency of the Colorado Health Exchange on matters affecting consumers by increasing legislative oversight, requiring public input and advisory group involvement, and making the Health Exchange Annual Report more comprehensive. 

STATUS: Signed into law.

SB16-036: Security Requirement for Appealing Tax Bills Claimed Due: Simplifying the process and reducing the cost of appealing adverse tax decisions by the Department of Revenue.

STATUS: Signed into law.

HB16-1034: Emergency Medical Responder Registration Program: Requiring emergency medical responders to register with the  Department of Public Health and Environment in order to provide care. 

STATUS: Signed into law. 

 SB16-006: Health Insurance Exchange Insurance Brokers: Increases transparency for Colorado Health Exchange consumers by ensuring that Exchange customers are more fully informed about their option to use a qualified broker for specific advice regarding their health plan decisions.

STATUS: Signed into law.

 SB16-038: Transparency of Community-Centered Boards: Increases accountability and transparency of Colorado's twenty Community Centered Boards (CCBs) that serve members of Colorado's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) community. This bill authorizes the State Auditor to perform audits of CCBs and mandates transparency provisions sought by the IDD community.

STATUS: Signed into law.

 SB16-208: Funding For Charter Schools That Convert

 SB16-187: Measures Affecting Charter Schools

SB16-188: Access To Resources For Charter Schools

STATUS: Large portions of these bills, as well as additional school equity provisions, were passed by the House and Senate as components of HB-16-1422 (School Finance), and signed into law by the Governor. 


2015 Bills 

 HB15-1335: Fiscal Notes for Interim Committee Bills: Government transparency measure that requires a fiscal analysis to be prepared for all bills considered by interim committees (committees that meet between legislative sessions).

STATUS: Signed into law.